Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Florida 2014 Elections for Governor Results

With the election day behind us, Florida can now rest soundly from the remembrance of FanGate; With a voter turnout of about 6 million, its hard to forget. Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, the front runner's, while third party candidates trail behind, confidently.

It's not often we get to hear of these third party candidates, mostly because of private debate rules, respectively they have campaigned greatly in their districts and across the state. In a national trend of demilitarisation, pro civil liberties (gay marriage, recreational/medicinal drug use), the people seem to not be able to escape the clutches of 'bipartisan' rule.

It is no question, we all feel betrayed by our parties, or our ideological idols, though I cannot help but notice we are committing into the same behavior. The republicans and democrats have had quite a long running for over 100 years nationally; I believe it is time to promote change.

The Election Results for Florida Governor, 2014
Rick Scott 48.3%
Charlie Crist 46.9
Adrian Wyllie 3.8%
Glenn Burkett 0.7%

What about Amendment 2, 2014?
To amend the Florida State Constitution the legalization of medicinal marijuana.
Needed a 60%, aka super majority:
No: 42.5%
Yes: 57.5