Thursday, August 13, 2015

Opinion On The Black Lives Matter Movement

We've seen the reports, another minority dead in the streets killed by none other than the same people that are supposedly here to protect us (which legally is not the case anyways). People are angry, while some officers have been killed, yet people are most angry in cities that are already stricken with poverty, and violence. This is what many of these citizens have to go through, maybe not at the hands of an officer but within friends, family even, and acquaintances; As they are stuck in a cycle of poverty, due to unnecessary regulations that restrict people from protecting themselves and/or their property, people resort to survivalist tactics, especially in locations where you cannot necessarily trust one another.

The movement has grown out of this exact reasoning, sure we can blame the cops for their atrocities (which we should), but the cops are just a catalyst to the laws they enforce. Sure a cop doesn't need to act violently in a super majority of cases, but in reality most initial confrontations and the act of receiving a ticket itself is an unjustified violent act of extortion and thievery. A coercive act to have us sign a contract which criminalizes us, and if we refuse to sign said contract, physical violent acts will be graciously given to us by the law enforcement officer(s) and imprisonment. Which then we'll likely be coerced, extorted, maybe even officially kidnapped by the end of a trial... I'm talking in reference to being arrested for nonviolent acts, and victimless crimes.

We have to ask the question are these laws justified? Are the final deadly results of a mild traffic violation justified? I think the Black Lives Matter movement brings up a valid question. Although primarily the name Black Lives Matter would think to refer only to black lives. Of course, this is a common misconception. Black Lives Matter is a grassroots movement done by the black communities (likely coming from residual feelings from the civil rights movement), which has support from many other movements.

Just as the Oath Keepers movement, people think it's just a group of all white, typical gun toting, racist rednecks when in reality these are people fighting for the Constitution with members of multiple races, and I myself tip my hat to them as a Latino.

My Opinion On The Black Lives Matter Movement

Truth be told, my opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole is very mixed. Although, I personally support the general cause in stopping police brutality, however I realize it isn't just police brutality. It is the laws that are in place which creates these confrontations between officers and people. Where now, apparently, officers feel a need to be armed just like military servicemen and politicians attempt to disarm the public (not just white people).

There are mixed feelings in the group, there are convoluted interests ranging from people looking to disarm the public and looking to arm the public. Peace vs violent interactions. Personally, I think violent interactions are quite effective but it is all about timing and support. Peace overall is a good sign, but many protesters in the Black Lives Matter movement fail to allow this peaceful protest, in that, they allow themselves to be pushed around by not only provocateurs , looters, thugs, but also by the police, and politicians. They don't stand their ground, they don't arm themselves and state they have a valid voice where the opposition is armed to the teeth and have resources to grow their armoury far more quickly than ours.

This in reality is a power struggle between the public and the government, and not many Black Lives Matter members notice this. Some think its just isolated to them, and do some very embarrassing things just to get attention.

Of course, I will not shame the entire movement for these tools, but overall, I think the Black Lives Matter movement needs to evolve, they need to arm themselves and stop looters, while they stop this government. If the police are armed then naturally we should defend our voices as well, not keep this double standard alive.

I like the message, there are some ridiculous people in the group which turns me off about it, like any other. They just need to gather around and really talk about what it means to "peacefully" protest, and how to gain the attention of dissenters to stay on track in the cause. They need to find out how to make a very clear message and ensure the government fears this message, so they truly can make a change for the better, while respecting the right for them to say this message without violence.

The negatives of the movement come from political advocacy, minus the issues with gun control, many protesters have called for more welfare while asking for 'protection' from corporations. The cycle of more regulation, and controls... Personally, it astonishes me that after many scandals and unintended consequences of "good intentions" many in the Black Lives Community support furthering the involvement of the government in other peoples lives. Expanding the failed drug war, gun control, driving away businesses with economically vain policies, it seems to me more of a cycle of insanity.

Every individual in the Black Lives Matter movement has their own opinion, I don't mean to generalize but simple perception entices the masses while funding the media.

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