Sunday, March 27, 2016

Will Donald Trump Make America Free Again?

Donald Trump talks down from his successes and failures (with many scandals) to undermine the public, while wrapping his xenophobia in patriotic rhetoric, which ironically enough goes against the original intent of progressing freedom that the founding fathers of this nation believed in.

Can Donald Trump actually make the United States great again? Will the wall help?
If we're saying 'again' then it would help to signify which time period in America's history, wouldn't it? Were we great during slavery? Were we great discriminating against the Chinese during the California gold rush, or discriminating against Latinos and Muslims today? What about the times when women couldn't vote, the Japanese were segregated, and blacks abused.

America was an economic powerhouse with very much disgusting racial tension throughout its history like other nations before it, and yet America was a special diversion to raging monarchies and corrupt republics. The founders of this country knew very well of foreign power, and fought to protect their idealism from such threats, even to go as far as to reject intervening in foreign military affairs (yet seems like America has done everything it could to expand, and heavily intervene). How could America's roots be opposed to foreign conflict yet it seems America hasn't seen peace in over a century?

There seems to be a lot of hysteria, most of it coming from reactions thanks to misinformed yellow journalists. The hysteria grows due to public ignorance of the unknown and fear mongering, it could be anything... drugs, terrorism, illegal aliens, zika virus, etc., its all rhetoric that separates us, essentially. When people say Donald Trump is his own man, thinks for himself, maybe even "changing the media" or changing "the game", I honestly have no clue what they are talking about. For someone as independent as his supporters say he is, he's been touting rhetoric told from both the left and the right from the last few decades.

As a capitalist, I don't see what good will come from bringing yet another Crony Capitalist politician into the pool of lobbyists, it makes no sense to me. If Donald Trump is different, why does he abuse and support policies that benefit himself, just like many Wall Street industry leaders. If he supports low taxes and deregulation, why does he choose to increase regulations elsewhere?

In America's history, there were men who fought for freedom, they made associations with people of different cultures, and expanded capitalism to secluded parts of the world. Yet it seems today Americans just want to segregate and bomb the unwilling, reject anything without a made in America sticker on their butt, while taxing anything that moves.

America was not founded on Christian Values, nor the Values of tyrants, America was founded on the relative ideals of free men. Dreams from multiple leaders before them and movements to expand those liberties not profit off them.

Trump seems more like a leech than a savior.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

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