Saturday, September 17, 2016

How To Earn Free Bitcoin?

Many cryptocurrency newbies have been asking me what is the quickest, or easiest way to earn bitcoins and I've started coming up with a couple ideas, but it always seems that I come back to the "slowly, but surely" process of bitcoin faucets. Can you earn a lot? Can you earn enough to make it worthwhile? It's really up to you.

Bitcoin Rundown

Bitcoin, for those who don't know, is an "anonymous" cryptocurrency developed and released to the public back in late 2008. Just like a fiat currency, or a gold backed currency, bitcoin has gained enough of a following where now you can pay your phone bill (for some companies), and buy outright products (like electronics, books, food, health care products, etc.) through various websites. It is... the currency of the internet with very low limitations in comparison to traditional currencies and isn't controlled by a centralized government.

Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets have been around for quite a while, normally seen for traditional currencies, which rarely give you enough cash to keep going or services to earn from. Bitcoin Faucets are sites, or apps, which primarily have you watch videos/advertisements, or perform actions (like download an app, or do a survey) where you can earn money (in this case fractions of a bitcoin) per claim or action. It's an action you can do in less than a minute and it may get tedious but this is the fastest way of earning bitcoins for free without hassling other bitcoin enthusiasts for gifts/donations.

Best Free Bitcoin Faucets

FreeBitcoin |

As the name suggests, this is a free bitcoin faucet, and possibly one of the best browser based faucets on the web. It is definitely my number one choice these days. This faucet is quite unique and very different than many faucets available on the web today. It features a free dice roll every one hour with varying claim amounts, you have the chance of earning around more than a quarter of a bitcoin if you hit a lucky dice roll (roughly around 150$ USD at the time of this post). Not only this, but it comes with a lottery roll where you can possibly earn over 2 bitcoins if you hit the jackpot! If you enjoy a game of chance this faucet even comes with a Hi-Lo dice game for you to multiply your earnings. Definitely one of my favorite faucets.

FreeDogecoin: If you're in the market for Dogecoin faucets then this faucet is also really good, this was developed by the same developers who developed FreeBitcoin!

Recommended Bitcoin Trading Platform

Cryptopia |

Lately, I've been using Cryptopia to trade Bitcoin and Dogecoin! Come join in the trade!

I hope this was helpful for any new users, enthusiasts, and veterans. I'll be expanding this page with more faucets, but so far these are the #1 best ones!