Monday, November 14, 2016

Bitcoin Value Increased After Donald Trump Won The US Presidency

Donald Trump wins the US Presidency against Hillary Rodham Clinton and the political ball game has taken its toll on the value of Bitcoin along with our minds.. Governments across the globe are recognizing bitcoin, and this comes with a fair share of troubles (and benefits). Japan deregulating bitcoin taxes here, and China allegedly pressing harder on miners with taxes over there, and Donald Trump suggesting to appoint a Bitcoin skeptic as US Treasurer. It's all just a rollercoaster right now for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Lately though, Bitcoin has gotten a leg up during the election cycle, and investors across the globe are rejoicing!

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Donald Trump Win Soars Bitcoin

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After Donald Trump won the bid for US President, Bitcoin soared to a high of around $738. Then it dropped the day after to around $720. Now for the past few days, Bitcoin seems to be quite steady. There is a fair amount of volume but not much movement, Bitcoin for the last four days has been trading roughly between $685-715, with its current price around $710. Today's Low was $697, and today's Hi is $712 very close to its last few trades.

Prior to Donald Trump Winning the US Presidency the value of bitcoin reach above $745 only to fall to $670 Between November 3rd-5th. Leading up to the election bitcoin saw a steady climb from around $680-$710 before it capped during election night at $740. Bitcoin rising so quickly may be a coincidence, but it seems Donald Trump winning the presidency correlated with bitcoin's increase.

If you live in the US, who knows what may happen during the next few years now that Donald Trump is your president, we should be expecting momentum as we get ever closer to Donald Trump's inauguration.