Thursday, August 9, 2018

Social Media Attacking Libertarians?

Lately, there has been a lot of breaking news where libertarians, and conservative minded groups have been targeted by major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and video hosting site, Youtube.

Donald Trump Threatens Shutdown Over Illegals |

Alex Jones, a prominent conservative conspiracist throughout the web, has had his Facebook page struck down, along with his YouTube account, and also his accounts at Spotify and Apple have been banned from sharing/selling content. Many of these sites are citing breaches of their Terms of Service (ToS), which many people within the community call it a farce and see that Jones' is being unjustly censored. Others believe, Jones being kicked off is justified to how he carries himself and how he fabricates lies about famous people and politicians with so called "evidence" for their 'crimes'. They claim he slanders and smears people's name for his own personal benefit, in order to sell merchandise to grow his business based off fear mongering. It should be noted that Alex Jones still has his Infowars app available on the Android App Store, and his Google+ page is still active (for now), and that this was not a total ban from Google products, but from YouTube itself and possibly for audio content (podcasts).  People have their own viewpoints in regards to Alex Jones, but some others that are affected by these mass suspensions are very much so undeserving of this punishment.

Other than the major backlash against Alex Jones on other sites, Twitter hasn't made any major particular moves other than "shadowbanning certain people". However, there seems to be a purge with lots of people being suspended in a short amount of time, which those affected are more often than not conservative, or libertarian leaning individuals. Twitter has suspended prominent libertarian speakers such as the Director of the Ron Paul Institute, Daniel McAdams. Many in the libertarian community are scratching their heads as to what McAdams could have done on Twitter, which would constitute a ban.

Overall, this entire situation goes on a case by case basis, and we all must accept and acknowledge that these social media sites have every right to regulate the news feed so that it may allow for family friendly content to be promoted within the algorithm as they see fit. Yet, we must also know that we are free to criticize these corporations for their actions, and very much so seek alternatives. Whether you view their bans or suspensions as justified or not, there are underlying questions that people may need to ponder on in the future: Should we allow powerful technocrats the power to regulate our newsfeed and control what we see on their platforms? We all make a choice with each packet we download, and our bandwidth IS our voting power in the online world. Perhaps, we should be throwing our support and time behind corporations that actually respect freedom of speech and whom are not going to silence people for their political beliefs.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Trump Threatens U.S. Government Shutdown Over Immigration

After receiving a lot of pushback, and multiple losses from sanctuary cities and even States (like California), Trump is now threatening to shut down the federal government due to democrats not agreeing to his terms or being more reasonable in the deal (in his perspective) for immigration reform.

US Airstrike In Syria Kills 30 Civilians |

Donald Trump was targeted by mainstream media over the way he was detaining teens/children of latino descent, as some were calling it cruel and unusual punishment (which can be argued as unconstitutional). Of course, this was just politics; don't get me wrong, it is completely immoral to do what the government is doing in this particular case. Governments across the world are also wrong for partaking in similar actions in dealing with similar 'immigration issues', however, in the particular context, Obama also did something extremely similar during his term, and didn't get nearly as much negative feedback from the public. Seems quite disingenuous.

Obama deserves the scrutiny as much as Trump does, but it seems that Donald Trump has become quite aggressive in his tactics of not only handling illegals but in promoting a zero-tolerance rule-book which typically doesn't happen, as each case is handled individually. Minimum sentencing in most states has already caused major issues of unjust treatment against US citizens unrelated to immigration, so this may certainly have a negative effect on how the global community perceives American 'freedom'. Donald Trump has been clear as being someone who is 'against' immigration, I say that loosely, as Donald Trump has heavily promoted the idea of playing by the book and following the law. Donald Trump is intending to make immigrating to the US more difficult and more costly for foreigners, in the quest for the "best" immigrants, which that would lead to an artificial increase of value on US education (which is already suffering from mass student debt).

Donald Trump has also recently expanded the Trade war against China and Russia, where they also have reacted against Trump's tactics! US relations with the global community seem to be at a standstill with fringe groups supporting him in certain hotspots like the UK, Turkey, India, etc. Latino nations have become very defensive against Trump's rhetoric, and have seeked business deals and free trade agreements with other nations. Local farmers within the US and even here in Florida are slowly beginning to feel the pressure, even though the US did earn over 4% GDP growth within the last quarter. This reaction may work to Trump's advantage, ultimately we'll see if Trump proceeds with a federal shutdown or not.