Friday, June 1, 2018

US Jobs Report: Trump Has Lowest Unemployment Rate But...

The recent US Jobs Report has been released and it shows very positive numbers for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been touting statistics that reveal that his policies and advocacy for more protectionist legislation has helped out unemployment numbers, especially to black Americans. The Unemployment rate fell, overall, from 4.8%, when Donald Trump was first inaugurated, to 3.8% (present day). This is a very successful win, and Donald Trump has been trailing behind Obama's job numbers by a decreasing deficit. Donald Trump does seem to be on track to having a strong economic comeback.

The main issue with these numbers is the labour participation rate, which has fallen from 62.9% (Since Trump's inauguration day) to 62.7%. Unemployment has dramatically fallen, but that statistic doesn't include people who have been looking for work for more than a year, or who have stopped looking for work all together. It's not so reliable, but the labour participation rate shed's some light on how the media can manipulate a particular narrative.

Donald Trump has been making some rash economic and militaristic moves, and its having a toll on the entire marketplace. Stocks may boom, but jobs numbers only show so much, the economy is stagnant at this point. The CPI (inflation rate) and the GDP growth has not been showing strong growth for the US economy, and these labour participation rate numbers are worse than Obama's numbers. Time will tell if this turns around.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Blue Origin Orbital Rocket May Get Support From US Military

Blue Origin is currently competing against SpaceX, ULA (United Launch Alliance) and Orbital ATK for future Air Force contracts to produce newer orbital-class rockets.

If successful for Blue Origin, this will certify Blue Origin's New Glenn rocket for future US National Security missions. ULA, who has long held contracts with the US military, had also helped Blue Origin produce the BE-4 engine that will be used within the New Glenn rocket. ULA had also won previous funding opportunities for Air Force projects, which will help Blue Origin in the long run. SpaceX, Orbital ATK and Aerojet Rocketdyne had also received funding in 2016 for advances in rocket propulsion, Blue Origin respectively is currently working on getting their first major US military contract.

In 2019 the Air Force is set to choose only two private companies to seal a private-public partnership for future national security missions. ULA has held the title as being the military's favorite provider, while SpaceX brought back the space race,but there's no telling where Blue Origin will takes these contracts. If they end up landing the 2019 deal, then Blue Origin just may be a household name. Blue Origin isn't in direct competition to SpaceX or ULA but Blue Origin is looking to capitalize wherever it's most efficient for them.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Trump Orders Strike On Syria With France and UK

Donald Trump has just confirmed that France and the UK will join the US military on a strike on Syrian "chemical targets". The US claims Bashar al-Assad's regime was behind the chemical attack in Douma, near Damascus (the capitol of Syria), which had claimed the lives of more than 40 people on April 7, 2018.

Is Donald Trump Supporting Islamic Jihad?

Syria, who is allied with Russia and supported by China, has been blamed for multiple gas attacks that have occurred throughout the Syrian civil war, but it has yet to have been proven. In fact, there is more evidence that shows it was the United States backed rebels that committed these atrocities under the Obama administration in 2013, which it seem history is repeating itself under the Trump administration.

Many supporters of Trump have applauded his actions and his toughness against the Syrian regime while others are puzzled by the actions of Trump as they mirror the actions of Obama when handling allegations of chemical attacks. There has not been any official deceleration by any non-partisan investigators that confirm that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks.

Trump Bans Venezuela Cryptocurrency?

This could lead to some major problems between the United States and Russia, and may even effect our already rocky relationship with China. Beijing and Damascus do have a fair relationship, Beijing has even offered to assist Syria in reconstruction as the civil war (which is currently being won by Assad) was slowly coming to an end but this action by the United States may end that deal.

Russia, who has called for multiple international investigations over these chemical attack allegations, has repeated for the US to not attack its military ally, Syria, or face repercussions. Russian and US relations are deteriorating quickly over these past few administrations, which return us to a high tension point which could lead to another cold war.

Donald Trump is treading in dangerous waters with war hawks. China and Russia have gone on the defensive with Trump pushing too strongly. This may lead to some serious economic tension between these economic powerhouses.