Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Koch and Soros, A Duel?

Long have we known that money has influenced our political debates; our wars, and conflicts: even at home.

Though, other than self interest billionaires, and laws that restrict free people, there are few coming to the charge in support of, at least some, free ideals; Ideals of individualism and what some call "moral collectivism". Needless to say, this is not a battle of ideology, but more of an observation of something interesting happening, and something worth noting.

The lot of us libertarians/and liberal-republicans have been accused of being associated with the likes of the Koch Brothers (founders of Koch Industries), though vice versa with the Liberals and democrats with George Soros (Soros Fund Management). We can go, on and on, about our discourses between associations, labels, and oppositions by ideology, but one thing we cannot miss is this:

These two behemoths, one of the coal industry leaders, the Kochs, and an investment banking leader in his field, George Soros, have both invested heavily in Healthcare, and minority growth; both are also proponents of gay marriage equality and the repeal of marijuana abolition, as an example.

I think, generally, we can agree in some part to their pushes for freedom, although, of course, most of us may not agree, including not agreeing with violence caused by such revolutions. Koch's stand more on the economical side of liberties, of course, give or take, because they do influence politics to favor their businesses as well; likewise, Soros does the same, except limiting economic freedom, yet excelling at personal liberties; on the basis of egalitarian virtues, not individualism...

Both sides have made great strides, but have been called out by their oppositions.

What do you guys think? Do they deserve the negativity portrayed at them? Does one deserve more negativity than the other?