Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baltimore Riots Rest as Six Officers Are Charged With Assault | Freedie Gray Incident

After a violent protest in Baltimore that has caused destruction within the community and the deployment of around 2,000 National Guardsmen, things seem to be dying down. The protesters of Baltimore have returned to a peaceful protest over the unjust killing of, 25-year old, Freddie Gray. There has not been many details on the case except for suspecting that Freddie Gray has caused some part of his injuries within police custody, but of course this does not explain the video captured where he was incapable of moving his legs prior to being put inside a police vehicle.

Baltimore's Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has called an end to the curfew for Baltimore's residents (which was called for the violent uprising by provocateurs). The Mayor has stated that charges for the incident within the Freddie Gray case will be targeted at 6 police officers who were involved. They are:

Officer Casear R. Goodon Jr., 45

Lt. Brian W. Rice, 41

Sgt. Alicia D. White, 30

Officer William G. Porter, 25

Officer Garrett E. Miller, 26

Officer Edward M. Nero, 29

The charges brought against these officers may lead to decades in prison, charges range from involuntary manslaughter (Goodon Jr., Rice, White, Porter), to second degree assault for all personnel involved.

Depending on how things go within the coming trial, we will likely see more evidence in the case and possibly more footage on the situation. It will be unlikely that these officers will be convicted as generally the police are favored by state legislators, and the court system, but this is an assumption. All eyes and ears are open for this case, let's hope that this becomes a lesson for any officer that deems violence is more preferred than calm reason.