Monday, November 28, 2016

Hyperloop One Employees Sue Employer

Hyperloop can be seen as a major upgrade to rail-based travel, but one of the major hyperloop projects, Hyperloop One, recently was sued by its former employees. What is Hyperloop? Hyperloop is a major change in passenger and freight travel with a fixed direction of travel. The most significant advantages are incredible traveling speeds and being encased  in a 'weatherproof' vacuum tube. Tesla and Space X investor, Elon Musk, was one of the major decision makers of deciding to open source the Hyperloop project (also open sourcing many other significant projects). Elon Musk is not directly associated with the Third Party company Hyperloop One.

Hyperloop One Sued By Rogue CTO

Hyperloop One's CTO and Co-Founder Brogan BamBrogan left the company and later sued Hyperloop One over allegations of breaching fiduciary duties and misusing corporate resources in early July of 2016. Within the same month, Hyperloop One reacted by counter-suing BamBrogan and several other employees who joined his lawsuit and claimed they staged a failed corporate coup.

Former CTO of Hyperloop One | Brogan BamBrogan
On November 18, 2016, Hyperloop One and Brogan BamBrogan, along with his associates, settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.

This could mean interesting things for the general Hyperloop project. We may see a major rivalry if these two projects become successful. The competition here will be inevitable as many of these projects rush for open testing in the hopes of gaining corporate or government contracts.

Here are the names of the Former Employees who also joined Brogan BamBrogan in his lawsuit against Hyperloop One.

Former Assistant General Counsel | David Pendergast
Former Vice President For Finance | William Mulholland
Former Vice President For Business Development | Knut Sauer