Friday, March 20, 2015

Why Has Police Brutality Grown?

In my view, I don't believe police brutality has 'grown', if anything it has always been with us and has been a part of many societies since the dawn of law enforcers (as a whole). If anything there may be less 'police brutality' today than there ever was before, but it doesn't seem that way because of the level of technology that we have in this instant in time. Stand-alone cameras, and camera phones have been closing the gap between the information given by the officers about a situation and their aggressor (or victim). Today we can see on social media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo the atrocities of police brutality, or general harassment.

We are bombarded by news media outlets on this "new" trending topic that is generally referred to as 'police misconduct'. Why is that, but a form of sensationalist reporting all for profit (which there is no problem with that). Though the reality is such violence done so by law enforcers has always been occurring; Whether it is because of race, religion, creed, etc. It has always been around (from the crusades to genocides). To state that there is more police brutality today, or that it is growing, is rather silly. It may be, perhaps, the perspective in which one sees it, although taking historical examples into account, we're in a much better place today than not. This is just speculative for crimes per capita, and let's take into account the brutality in police brutality.

Cameras are just one of many steps to thwart police brutality, although to me, cameras are just a feel good feeling to think that things will become 'so much better'. I'm not stating that with the cameras things have not improved, of course not. Although with the rise in police using cameras themselves on their person, I suspect a further rise of cover-ups and withholding valuable information about certain cases. Private cameras have been doing a wonderful job in bringing about the awareness of these violent acts, but that's just it. Awareness. Protests have came about because of this awareness, yet with little legislative effort done so by our "representatives" in office. And from those protests, many have come with police brutality.

How Can We Stop or Lessen Police Brutality?

Police brutality has been on a trend down because of the exposure of the overreaches of force. Today we can expose these atrocities while at the same time ensuring that the police respect the people because of our level of unification, when we actually drop the chips and football and come together. However, the main point of lessening police brutality is to not just hack at the branches. Of course not, we must remove it from its source, which are the laws in place which creates a "need" for an aggressor where otherwise there would be no conflict if no such law existed. We have to be clear in stating that the laws in place are nothing but a form of profit for the police departments, and municipalities.

The people 'breaking laws' are not the reaction of police brutality, we seek security to do as we please, especially when we have done no harm. Police brutality is the direct result of law itself.