Thursday, October 22, 2015

Police Killed and Victimless Crimes

Violent police actions and police brutality incidents have been now made more publicly accessible than ever before and this is changing and evolving traditional media. Many officers have been put on trial, however there have been many cases in which officers only received administrative leave, or was allowed to stay within the force without facing a serious conviction in court, some weren't even charged. People have publicly spoken about their animosity against the law enforcement officers, while some call for officers to be shot and killed for their injustices. These cases are very conditional, and emotionally charged just like most public hysteria promoted by the mainstream media. There is a valid question, is the hatred for police justified? That is a really interesting question, but are any of the laws in place justified?

Cops Being Killed

It's very tragic to be working in a job where the public has had strong distrust not only for your badge, but for the state governments and the federal government itself. It has gone as far as to get many of these 'innocent' officers killed in the line of duty. Some of these cases may be related to drugs; A failed drug war that has only increased incarceration rates while destroying poor inner city families. As an example of the drug war, the youth resort to joining gangs and violent cliques that only seek self-benefit at the harmful cost of everyone else and the men in blue patrol the streets for low level criminal transactions, in which majority of the time those transactions are nonviolent. Is the death of another officer worth it, or another unarmed citizen?

Ghettos and Crime

In this environment already in the ghettos and outskirts of wealthy cities, you have slums riddled with drugs and violent crime. It seems the inner city is constantly abused by the police force. It's a recurring cycle of drugs, welfare and abuse, regardless if these families are sincerely working and making an honest living without violence. Poor men who work get caught with marijuana, or a different illicit drug, have their lives instantly go down the drain with a felony charge. Returning to the workforce will be an endeavor, an endeavor for many financially struggling families, especially those looking for work and having a felony on their record. Education and future income is heavily affected by the family's current income; some of these families even go homeless within our very borders, an untold story. Would you not think that this would increase tension between the cops and the low income earners?

Many believe in this notion that if 'its law then you must follow it'. I assume the entire police force believes in this virtue and pin the entire populace to believe into this unrealistic love for a document limiting our rights. Sure, it is arguable that laws are here to ensure a 'stable society' and the officers are here to ensure the protection of us through a perception of law, but why have inefficient laws? I believe we have all the rights in the world for civil nonviolent disobedience. Honestly, in some form or another you all commit into civil disobedience even as officers. As citizens we should reject unjust laws, and I believe the police force should speak out about the inefficiency of these laws.

Like the men and women being killed in the high profile police brutality cases and the following uprisings and protests; How do cops feel when their own brothers and sisters are killed in the line of duty for the most pettiest of actions? This animosity is directed at the wrong people, surely (criminals and police, vice versa), but many times people should realize, and if they don't then they should be responsible. Many officers, of course many citizens, view their acts as nothing wrong. Yes, it is admirable that they hold their position as an officer with honor, however upholding the Constitution and being an example of standing men of freedom should be a preferred first impression to the global community, rather than being viewed as brutal paramilitary soldiers in blue. Of course, other countries are worse with civil rights violations, that is blatantly true, but America stands for freedom and our police and laws should represent this, and respect freedom.

Victimless Crimes and Law

The violent cases that we see are just a result of terrible drug policy and economic policy. Prohibition has caused many problems in multiple industries. The smallest infractions of jaywalking, and speeding is rather pointless. As an alternative we should have crimes based on only if the final result was violent, or deadly. Many preventive crimes fill up the victimless crime behemoth policy which terribly affects the efficiency of this nation, and quite frankly angers the populace.

Sin taxes, the 'police brutality' case of Eric Garner itself was interesting, and in the end it lead to the death of a sick man. I believe that crimes should only be violent. Being harmful is one thing, that is debatable like secondhand smoke, but violent crime should be the priority. Speeding tickets should be removed, and if there is a person who 'speeds' and crashes then they should be held directly responsible. The act of speeding shouldn't be illegal, but the act of being aware of recommended speeds and crashing going above the speed recommendation, then, rightfully so, you are responsible. This is just one idea of many others that people can brainstorm together on to ensure public safety alternatives without enforcing a policy that serves as revenue generation.

I view the infraction laws we have today as predatory, it is blatant extortion of the masses. Without any violent actions taken place, people are being charged, and even convicted. Responsibility is key in a free society and as many countries today work on improving rights and their own freedom for individuals, America in my own opinion should be at the forefront of global freedom, but it seems times have changed.

As people continue to be charged with victimless crimes then there will likely be more protests. Currently, the relationship with the public and the police could be much better, but not many police officers have spoken out on the issue which is quite sad. I can only worry for both the citizens and the officers involved, as there may be violence, as there have been in the past. Each person in each individual case could likely be a victim of the law itself, and it may even end lethal. Politicians should be held accountable. 

Civil Disobedience and Political Activism

Today, technology has propelled society in many ways. Cars, the Internet, the Super Bowl; All here to entertain you, and serve you whenever you need. One thing that stays stagnant that generally seems to lag behind the pack is the government. 

Cameras today are recording everything from weddings, to you walking by a busy street. A surveillance nation surely, but this surveillance is also a stand for freedom. The police today should embrace the use of cameras as there have been some cases that have held the citizens accountable for when they lie. The citizens and the police, as a sign of virtue should allow third parties free access to these resources if they so choose. I have seen the cop block community, and many police reactions have seemed to be unwelcoming.

The men in blue should not only respect the cameramen and -women, but, as I stated, be a bastion of freedom for the citizens. Nonviolence on both sides is the key. This isn't betraying the law but rather taking a stand for the American people with respectable men and women on the force backing up what's right; Trained professionals calling foul on the laws in place.

YouTube, and Twitter have been known for becoming a home for alternative media. The public shares these atrocities that occur with all their friends, and some become viral. The arab spring, the occupy movement, black lives matter and other protests have risen from social media. These grassroots media campaigns in America (and globally) have helped change a rigid traditional mindset. I believe we should get with the times and reform our criminal justice system before more lives are lost to faulty laws.

Are They Good Cops or Bad Cops?

The question is very eery, and could bring emotional reactions depending on the kind of answers you get. Naturally, you can view a 'good officer' as a man or woman who is great at their job. Doing their paperwork, picking up shifts, being an all around stand up officer of the law. This is the honorable side of working on the force, the part that makes men and women proud of their job even knowing the harmful things that may come. Logically, however, the reality of the situation isn't so wonderful. It's a sham! Many people are unaware of this, and this isn't just about the police but about the public entirely.

The cops are not good. Simply put, these laws are terrible and the police protecting and enforcing these laws really increases the tension, and we've seen in other countries that show us that freedom is optimal, and a preferred social policy. Portugal's drug laws are an amazing example. Many citizens get harassed, and the police harass individuals on the daily for petty crimes -- On actions that harmed no one. It's a shame to blame the police for this, it truly is. When the police don't speak, then who do we turn to? 

Politicians have placed the citizens and the police that protect us in a very interesting and violent situation. No American wants to harm another American nor take their rights away. That's not who we are, we are the progression of freedom not a malevolent empire of regulations. The police and the citizens should not be fighting but instead create viable alternatives to solving petty crimes. Violent crimes should be our priority in the criminal justice system, and we should promote freedom and responsibility!

I think the founding fathers of the United States of America would be really upset about the predatory limits to our freedom. Our freedoms are not something to profit off of.