Thursday, May 25, 2017

Is Donald Trump Backing Saudi Arabian Wahhabism and Islamic Violent Jihad?

Donald Trump has recently made an incredible arms deal with the Saudi Arabian's but will this benefit the US government against the war on terrorism?
King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Center) and US President Donald Trump (Center Right with Melania Trump behind them)

Saudi Arabia has been accused of exporting terrorism throughout the Middle East by funding Sunni extremists (such as the likes of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh). Is this the truth? The situation in Saudi Arabia (which has committed into several human rights abuses and even promotes strict Sharia Law in their country) is quite muddy overall. The Saudi King rejects any notion that his associates are involved with funding and supplying terrorists with weapons but many reports have shown that is not the case.

Members of the Saudi Arabian government and even organizations organized by private citizens within the country have been direct funders of an overwhelming 50+ terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East, West Asia and Africa. Directly contradicting the Saudi King's narrative that Saudi Arabians do not support terrorism. Of course, we cannot assume that all citizens in Saudi Arabia back terrorism, but some of these organizations within the country have been at the forefront of funding extremist regimes in some branches of Islam most notably Wahhabists, Sunni and even Shi'a terrorists.

The Wahhabi regime follows a very strict doctrine of Islam, where those on the West call this strict idealism and push of religious-political power, as Sharia Law. Sharia Law, for those who are unaware, is a very controversial and, of course, many may say that it is a dangerous doctrine, where religious zealots enforce their religion through violence and persecution of nonbelievers through the use of a centralized government. Naturally, those on the west reject Sharia Law as it is directly opposed to secularist democracies, and natural liberty as a whole.

With Donald Trump's recent arms agreement of $350 billion (over the course of 10 years) it really applies shade to our relationship with secularists and Donald Trump's own anti-Sharia Law rhetoric, which he highlighted very much in his 2016 Campaign for the United States Presidency. It seems though he is being rather hypocritical in opposing Sharia Law, when he is directly supply arms to Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia. Many Trump supporters are baffled by this move, but have yet to condemn his actions in supporting a Pro-Sharia Law nation such as Saudi Arabia. Trump supporters who support this Arms Deal say that this will bring many jobs to Americans and promote a growth in the economy, but I personally do not believe that jobs are more important than stopping extremist Jihadi terrorists in the Middle East. Donald Trump believes that this arms deal will help us fight the war against ISIS, but it doesn't seem like these Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia are looking to end the ISIS conflict and instead they may push for further war in Yemen.

What do you think about this move by Donald Trump? Will this help end the War on Terror, or will this expand violent Jihad beyond the Middle East (as we've witnessed with the ISIS Bombing of Brussels and the recent attack in Manchester during an Ariana Grande concert?